1.     Name :
The name of the Trust shall be SRI GURU MISSION TRUST

The office of the trust shall be situated for the present at Villupuram main road, Kadaganoor Village, Villupuram Dist – 605 755, Thirukoilur Taluk, Tamilnadu and may be shifted to any other places as the trustees may desire from time to time.

3.      OBJECT :
The objects for which the Trust is established are :
a.     To promote and advance the cause of Education, Medical, Social and Moral and Welfare of the people in General.
b.     To impart the type of education on the basis of the natural ideals and traditional culture irrespective of any Caste, Creed, Sex, Community or religion.
c.      To provide Free Medical relief for the poor including construction and maintenance of free Sidha, Ayurvedic, Homoeopathy Clinic, Hospitals Dispensaries, Maternity home, children wards.
d.     To provide relief to poor, Education, Medical relief and advancement of any other object of general public utility and Charitable purpose and the trust is not limited to any particular Sex, Caste, Religion, Class of Community but shall be limited on its Territorial operation within India.
e.     To establish, run, manage or aid in establishing, running and managing Colleges, Schools and other Educational Institutions and to offer imparting Education and to run Libraries for the advancement of knowledge in any subject or language.
f.       To establish, maintain and manage any institution for imparting technical knowledge in Handicrafts and vocational training for poor people.
g.     To establish and maintain Free Boarding Houses or Hostels for students studying in schools, colleges and other Educational Institution.
h.     To award scholarships, stipends, grants and donations to poor students to enable them to proceed  with their studies and to award prizes to the proficient students.
i.        To give donations and to render Financial Assistance to any educational Institutions, Hospitals or poor homes.
j.       To give subscriptions by means of cash or in kind to any Charitable Institutions.
k.     To produce, print, publish, circulate and distribute free of cost or at equitable price materials in the form of books, periodicals, journals circulars, letters etc.
l.        To accept upon such terms and conditions any donations, Subscriptions, aids and Contributions from Government, Local authorities, Corporations, Firms, company syndicate, Associations or other persons or from any charitable or other Institutions, whether in cash or in other movable, immovable property for the purposes of the Trust, provided always that the terms upon which they shall be accepted shall not be in any way inconsistent or repugnant to the provisions contained in the presents and such donations, grants, aids, subscriptions and contributions, shall be applied for all or any of the purpose of the Trust.
m.  To provide suitable place and other facilities for holding and conducting lectures and assembles of public for discuss on or of matters connected with Education and such activities inter twined with the objects of the Trust.
n.     To acquire by purchase gift, settlement bill or otherwise any property whether movable or immovable or acquire any rights for the purpose of the Trust.
o.     To Construct maintain or alter any building or wards necessary for the purpose of the Trust.
p.     To borrow money from public for the purpose of the Trust upon reasonable Terms and conditions with the approval of the Board of Trustees.
q.     To Sell, Improve, Manage, Develop exchange, lease or let under lease or subject, mortgage, dispose of or otherwise deal with all or in any part of the Properties or assets of the Trust, with the approval of the Board of Trustees.
r.       To raise funds by subscriptions, donations or otherwise for carrying on the objects set forth in this trust Deed.
s.      To utilize and spend the income of the Trust for mission poverty people and Educational purposes only and development Awareness necessity for the rural society.
t.       To educate the general public about the protection of environment and preservation of Trees.
u.     To develop natural Agriculture activities and animal forms and save the animals from human disturbs and install free medical relief for animals.
v.     To promote & develop ancient arts & science and preserve monuments and acts which would serve as symbols of ancient Indian culture and Architecture also to inaugurate and promote places of ancient traditional worship.
w.   To provide Indian Medical ancient method for free consultation and issuing minimum cost of Traditional Medicines.
x.      To Install Research Institute for the Society.
y.     To establish and maintain orphanage and old age house.
z.      To do all such things as are incidental and conductive by the way of to the attainment of the object or any of these.

              We propose GURUJI as author of the Trust.

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